Office of National Drug Control Policy

Community-Based Prevention

Community-Based Prevention

Preventing drug use before it begins is a cost-effective, common-sense approach to promoting safe and healthy communities. Yet translating this uncontroversial principle into effective action has often been challenging. Although efforts such as the Drug Free Communities (DFC) program, Strategic Prevention Framework-State Incentive Grants, and, the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign have made a positive difference, it has also been the case that many other poorly resourced, one-time prevention programs have been too limited in scope or too short in duration to have made a substantial impact. The Obama Administration is committed to addressing these problems by strengthening proven community-based prevention efforts and building on the success of some our current efforts.

Prevention in Action

  • Prevention in the National Drug Control Strategy [INSERT link]
  • National Prevention Council [INSERT link]
  • Federal Partner Initiatives [INSERT link]
  • Drug Prevention Resources [INSERT link]

ONDCP Prevention Programs

  • Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention  [INSERT link]
  • Drugged Driving [INSERT link]
  • National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign [INSERT link]
  • Drug-Free Communities Support Program  [INSERT link]