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DOD Contract Management

Problem: The DoD needs to take action at the strategic and tactical level to improve its approach to buying goods and services.

Goal: Develop a long-range strategic vision and department-wide coordinated approach to improve the effectiveness of DoD contract management, with specific emphasis on contracting for services; application of appropriate commercial best practices; use of appropriate contracting techniques and approaches; enhanced training; and development of a human capital strategic plan.


  • Contracting for Services: Develop a comprehensive Defense-wide architecture for the acquisition of services, employing a strategic approach and applying basic tenets for effective and efficient contracting.

    • Establish and implement a management structure for the procurement of contract services that includes polices, procedures and best practices for acquisition planning, solicitation and contract award, requirements definition and management, performance evaluation and risk management.
    • Develop and implement a comprehensive Defense-wide architecture for the acquisition of services with the following basic tenets: o Maximum use of competition to ensure pricing based on competition o Use of acknowledged best practices o Appropriate application of performance-based approaches o Enhanced contract performance management o Enhanced application of past performance information o Maximum small business participation and socio-economic goal achievement.
  • Enhance use of appropriate contracting techniques and approaches by:

    • ?? Identifying appropriate goals for competition of task orders under multiple award contracts. ?? Developing a Continuous Learning Module to provide enhanced guidance on pricing commercial items. ?? Improving Award Fee usage. ?? Revising regulatory guidance on pricing of commercial items. ?? Improving oversight and guidance on undefinitized contractual actions.
    • Providing for enhanced contract administration through early-on designation of properly trained contracting officer representatives, identification of appropriate contract performance metrics, and inclusion of quality assurance surveillance plans (QASPs) in solicitations and contracts.
  • Right skills and capabilities in the acquisition workforce: Develop a future DoD Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (AT&L) Workforce shaped and recapitalized to enable smart workforce decisions.

    • Evolve AT&L Human Capital Strategic Plan.
    • Improve and standardize AT&L workforce competencies.
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