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High Risk Issue


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Managing Federal Real Property

Problem: The Federal Government owns or leases more than 1.2 million assets with a value of approximately $1.5 trillion. Longstanding problems in disposing of unneeded assets have resulted in the identification of this issue area as high risk. This is due in part to antiquated statues, inconsistent asset management practices, and a host of other factors.

Goal: Rightsize the Federal real property inventory by disposing of unneeded assets and directing limited resources to mission critical assets.


  • Enact President??s legislative proposal to allow Executive agencies to retain a portion of the net proceeds from sale of an asset and direct proceeds toward capital asset needs.

    • Establish a demonstration program to highlight the benefits of accelerated disposal timeframes in the areas of sale and demolition.
  • Dispose of unneeded Federal real property .

    • Target assets for disposal based on either high cost or underutilization of assets that are not mission dependant. These assets can be identified through the use of agency??s real property inventory and performance data.
    • Improve the management and oversight of existing leases and opportunities to improve the acquisition of new leases.
  • Capture complete and accurate inventory and performance data on all real property assets to improve decision-making; improve sharing of information on assets available for transfer.

    • Implemented a comprehensive Asset Management Plan and a three year timeline of actions which will lead to improved management of agency portfolios al all agencies.
    • Implement a common screening format to improve the availability of information on assets available for transfer between Federal agencies.
    • Facilitate inter and intra agency coordination on real property efforts such as facility security, sustainability, and historic preservation.
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