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Implementing and Transforming the Department of Homeland Security

Problem: Management systems ?? especially related to financial, information, acquisition, and human capital management ?? are not yet integrated and wholly operational and DHS faces challenges to effectively carry out its program activities and enhance partnerships with private and public sector entities to leverage resources.

Goal: Implement a comprehensive transformation strategy and corrective action plan to transform its 22 legacy agencies into a fully functioning Department.


  • Strengthen a standard of uniformity in program and project management, provide a framework that supports a commitment for continual improvement and best practice implementation, and clarify accountability, including roles and responsibilities of key personnel

    • Management Framework ?? Provides the foundation for the Department??s transformation and outlines the manner by which strategic goals are developed, resources are utilized, performance is monitored, and oversight is administered
    • Corrective Action Plans ?? Creates a methodology that promptly addresses and resolves material weaknesses and ensures adherence to legal and administrative policies
  • Establish guidelines and processes to integrate risk into other management systems, such as budget and program reviews and increase intra-department, government and non-government coordination

    • Joint Requirements Planning and Risk Assessment Process for Informed Decision Making (RAPID) Steering Committees ?? Identifies functional requirement gaps, redundancies, and synergies across Components and ensures timely and effective risk informed decision making
    • Investment Review Board ?? Establishes a decision making process for major investments by formalizing cross-Component collaboration and oversight of program life cycle management
  • Strengthen Department-wide financial accountability and provide the infrastructure and processes to overcome material weaknesses

    • Financial Management Systems Framework ?? Consolidates financial systems, integrates core Department resource management systems, and standardizes business processes
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