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DOD Personnel Security Clearance Program

Problem: The DoD (in conjunction with ODNI, OPM and other Federal entities) must resolve existing timing and quality issues by modernizing and streamlining personnel security clearance processes.

Goal: As co-lead on the Joint Reform Team, develop and deploy a transformed, modernized, fair and reciprocal security clearance process universally applicable to the DoD, Intelligence Community and other U.S. Government agencies. The Joint Reform Team includes representatives from the DoD, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the Office of Personnel Management.


  • Establish a Federal governance structure that oversees the alignment of the clearance and suitability processes and drives implementation across the Federal government.

    • Executive Order (EO) 13467 was signed in June 2008 that created the Performance Accountability Council (PAC), the principal interagency forum for coordinating the alignment of security clearance and suitability processes.
    • The functions of the PAC were codified the formal establishment of the Council charter.
    • Establish Performance Measurement and Management and Training Subcommittees. o Develop annual goals and progress metrics focused on the end-to-end cycle time for hiring and clearance decisions. o Monitor timeliness and quality of investigative and adjudicative actions. o Develop and implement standardized training for investigators and adjudicators.
  • Identify near term process improvements and policy changes needed to enable implementation.

    • Develop a next-generation electronic application with branching questions and quality controls that enable more comprehensive data collection earlier in the process.
    • Modify the consent form on the current application form (SF-86) to enable more frequent assessment of the cleared population.
    • Enable automated adjudicative decisions for DoD Secret clean cases and develop a plan for Initial Operating Capability of Automated Records Checks.
  • Develop an Enterprise Information Technology Strategy.

    • Conduct fully automated end-to-end information technology demonstration and assess ??as-is?? IT capability in use within the public and private sectors.
    • Analyze system design components including electronic application, commercial and government automated records checks, portal and data warehouse capabilities and case management functionality.
    • Conduct Analysis of Alternatives to determine IT strategy for implementation and establish requirements for an Enterprise Information Technology capability.
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