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Safe and Drug Free Schools State Grants

The purpose of the program is to help create and maintain drug-free, safe, and orderly environments for learning in and around schools. The program awards grants to States and school districts for research-based approaches to drug and violence prevention to reduce youth crime and drug abuse.


What This Rating Means

Results Not Demonstrated

A rating of Results Not Demonstrated (RND) indicates that a program has not been able to develop acceptable performance goals or collect data to determine whether it is performing.
  • The structure of the program is flawed. It spreads funding too broadly to support quality interventions and fails to target schools and communities in greatest need of assistance.
  • The program has performance measures that couple data on the extent to which recipients of Safe and Drug-Free Schools funds are implementing research-based practices and implementing those programs with fidelity to the research with national survey data on the prevalence of youth drug use and violence. However, trend data do not exist for two key measures.
  • The Department of Education has made strides in assisting States to improve the quality and use of data in managing the program and in developing a uniform data set that States can use as a model in meeting the statutory requirements of the Uniform Management and Information Reporting System.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Providing training and technical assistance to States on issues related to data quality and use of data for program management.
  • Posting State-level performance data on progress toward meeting performance targets on the program website.
  • Working with Congress during the upcoming reauthorization to authorize a more effective vehicle for school-based drug and violence prevention.

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