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Office of Transition Initiatives

The Office of Transition Initiatives, part of the United States Agency for International Development, helps advance peace and democracy. It responds quickly to changing conditions on the ground in conflict-prone countries, like countries moving from conflict to peace or in political crisis.


What This Rating Means

Moderately Effective

In general, a program rated Moderately Effective has set ambitious goals and is well-managed. Moderately Effective programs likely need to improve their efficiency or address other problems in the programs' design or management in order to achieve better results.
  • The Office of Transition Initiatives provides fast, flexible, and short-term assistance to conflict-prone countries. The Office supports programs to reduce conflicts and promote peace and democracy in countries as they make the transition between traditional short-term humanitarian relief and other longer-term development assistance provided by the US Agency for International Development.
  • The Office is able to move into countries quickly and rapidly start producing results, forging community peace-building. It can often obtain tangible results faster and more flexibly than most other US assistance, as it did, for example, in Iraq and Afghanistan. In part this is because the Office employs appropriate business practices, many of which could be used elsewhere in the Agency.
  • The Office has strong performance measures at the recipient and country level. The Office is refining measures used to assess its effectiveness across-the-board, including whether its programs have sustained effects after its funding ends. Some additional work on these measures remains to be done.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Ensuring that these programs remain short-term in nature. In general, programs should be financed by Agency's missions abroad with other funding or by other organizations or ended after two years.
  • Improving performance measures where possible to better track the effectiveness and sustainability of the Office's programs on advancing democracy and peace.
  • Improving coordination and cooperation across the Agency between related offices and programs to ensure that there is no duplication of efforts or overlap.

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