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General Services Administration - Office of Governmentwide Policy

The Office of Governmentwide Policy (OGP) helps develop policies, set standards, and implement government-wide reporting systems for improving the management of administrative services across the Federal government. These services include real property, travel, transportation, motor vehicle and aircraft, and mail.


What This Rating Means

Moderately Effective

In general, a program rated Moderately Effective has set ambitious goals and is well-managed. Moderately Effective programs likely need to improve their efficiency or address other problems in the programs' design or management in order to achieve better results.
  • OGP's new Policy Portfolio Performance System (3PS) establishes a very good framework for assessing OGP's progress in achieving its long-term performance goals. The FY'07 implementation has demonstrated improvements in the mechanical and coordination aspects of the system including coordination with key stakeholders on 3PS metrics and targets and improvements in the stakeholder survey process.
  • OGP's initial emphasis in developing performance measures and targets has been on the high priority policy initiatives reported in the 3PS system. Although performance on these initiatives is generally good, OGP still needs to develop performance measures and targets for the remaining policy areas under its purview.
  • OGP has never had an independent evaluation of its overall program, nor arranged for such evaluations to be conducted on a regular basis.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Developing governmentwide performance measures for each of OGP's major programs in addition to the performance measure data already collected for the 3PS reports.
  • Developing an independent assessment process for the office as a whole as opposed to its component divisions or initiatives.

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