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Telehealth Network Grant Program

The Telehealth Network Grant Program (TNGP) awards demonstration grants to networks that show how telehealth technologies can expand access to quality healthcare; improve and expand training of health care providers; and expand and improve the quality of health information available to providers and patients.


What This Rating Means

Moderately Effective

In general, a program rated Moderately Effective has set ambitious goals and is well-managed. Moderately Effective programs likely need to improve their efficiency or address other problems in the programs' design or management in order to achieve better results.
  • The TNGP addresses the lack of access to quality health care services in rural and other under-served communities. The Program funds networks of health care providers that typically can include clinics, local health departments, universities, home health care providers, long-term care providers, and hospitals to develop and implement telehealth systems in resource-poor communities.
  • The program has succeeded in expanding access to services in underserved rural communities. As of 2005, TNGP grantees used telehealth technologies to provide 39 different types of clinical services, representing a total number of 150 clinical services, across 339 sites in underserved rural communities.
  • The impact of the program on patient clinical outcomes is unknown. Because the primary focus of the program has been to fund grantees to build and demonstrate the usefulness and financial viability of telehealth systems in providing health care, further work is needed to measure the program's impact on clinical outcomes.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Collecting data on a new long-term measure to assess the impact of the program's activities on clinical outcomes in diabetic patients served by grantees of the program.
  • Tracking performance against benchmarks and refining performance goals for the other program measures.

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