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Veterans' Employment and Training State Grants

The purpose of the Department of Labor's Veterans' Employment and Training Service is to help veterans secure quality employment. Its grants to States fund employment specialists dedicated to helping veterans in a nationwide network of One-Stop Career Centers.


What This Rating Means

Moderately Effective

In general, a program rated Moderately Effective has set ambitious goals and is well-managed. Moderately Effective programs likely need to improve their efficiency or address other problems in the programs' design or management in order to achieve better results.
  • The program addresses the employment needs of unemployed and underemployed veterans by providing job search, placement, and related services that lead to quality employment. In program year 2005, nearly 1.4 million veterans were served by the One-Stop Career Center system, of which 752,000 were served by the staff funded by this program.
  • The program's focus is on serving those veterans and servicemembers separating from the military who require more intensive services. Job-ready veterans receive priority of service from all DOL-funded employment and training programs in the One-Stop Career Centers.
  • The program has a strong performance focus, but it fell short of demonstrating continuing improvement because it changed the way it measures employment outcomes. It adopted a new, more reliable source of information on entry to employment and retention, but this change prevented a fair comparison with performance in earlier years.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Setting aggressive targets for performance outcomes to improve services to veterans.
  • Implementing recommendations from follow-up evaluation to assess veteran outcomes.
  • Adding the Average Earnings measure to performance measures for All Veterans and for Disabled Veterans.

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