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USAID's Development Assistance for Sub-Saharan Africa

This program promotes broad-based economic growth; builds trade capacity; strengthens democratic processes; reduces poverty through increased food production; finances education initiatives; and, protects the environment in African countries. Half of Africa's 700 million people live on less than $1 a day.


What This Rating Means


This rating describes a program that needs to set more ambitious goals, achieve better results, improve accountability or strengthen its management practices.
  • The program aims to reduce poverty and enhance democracy and the environment in African countries; but its impact is diffused across a large number of activities in a lot of countries. The Agency for International Development's new Strategic Framework for Africa is designed to direct funds towards better performing countries, such as Millenium Challenge Corporation threshold countries.
  • Most African countries have weak economic, social, and political institutions; poor transparency of government programs; and systemic threat to progress from endemic diseases. The Agency lacks focused and realistic goals on issues it can affect such as primary school completion rates and growth of exports in countries with trade capacity-building activities.
  • The program's decentralized structure makes it challenging to compare performance in different countries. The new Strategic Framework for Africa is designed to tighten Washington management and improve development of common performance measures, which should enable the Africa Bureau to have more consistent performance monitoring and improved budget allocation.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Implementing the new Strategic Framework for Africa so that better performing countries receive substantially more dollars and human resources than poorer performers.
  • Developing and applying common outcome goals to assure program advancement, especially of Presidential initiatives.
  • Aligning country mission staffing levels and operating expense funds with international assistance levels to increase program efficiency.

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