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President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief: Other Bilateral Programs

The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief's Other Bilateral Programs work to increase the quality and capacity of national HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care programs in 100+ countries (outside the 15 focus countries) as part of the U.S. Government's effort to turn the tide against the global AIDS pandemic.


What This Rating Means


This rating describes a program that needs to set more ambitious goals, achieve better results, improve accountability or strengthen its management practices.
  • The strength of existing programs operated by CDC and USAID enabled the Emergency Plan to rapidly improve existing mechanisms, grant structures and relationships already established on the ground. In addition, the Government Accountability Office has noted that the CDC is the single greatest source of technical expertise and resources for international disease surveillance.
  • Performance measures for HIV/AIDS programs in other bilateral countries have not been consistent across agencies and did not, in all cases, include baseline/target information. For FY 2007, countries that receive $5 million or more in U.S. Government HIV/AIDS funding will report on all country-applicable PEPFAR indicators.
  • The implementing agencies had mechanisms for financial accountability and control, but they did not yet meet the standards for strong financial management practices. However, CDC has implemented a new financial management system designed to eliminate previously identified weaknesses. In FY 2006, USAID rolled out a new financial management system both overseas and in headquarters.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Developing a distance-learning platform to improve training and knowledge sharing and increase the knowledge base of all staff and communications between HQ and the country teams.
  • Instituting Partnership Compacts to strengthen the performance and impact of PEPFAR programs and better engage host governments.

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