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Audience Development for US International Broadcasting

The purpose of this program is to research and develop the audiences for U.S. government international broadcasting programs. This program supports efforts to promote and sustain freedom and democracy by broadcasting accurate and objective news and information about the United States and the world to audiences overseas.


What This Rating Means


This is the highest rating a program can achieve. Programs rated Effective set ambitious goals, achieve results, are well-managed and improve efficiency.
  • The three functions of this program are: 1) Audience research, 2) Performance review of broadcasting programs, and 3) Marketing and advertising. These programs are responsible for the world-wide audience size for all US international broadcasting, which in recent years has grown by approximately 7.4% since 2004.
  • This program is a member of the Confederation of International Broadcasting Audience Research (CIBAR) and adheres to industry standards while fulfilling the unique worldwide requirements of the US international broadcasting mission.
  • Managers' performance based appraisal system includes individual accountability for cost and schedule results as appropriate. Through the ongoing appraisal reviews and final annual rating, all mangers and senior staff are held accountable for performance results.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • This program will focus on BBG's success in reaching the target audience by tracking the growth in audience size annually, as measured by the worldwide, unduplicated number of weekly audience members.
  • This program will improve its performance review function by tracking program quality reviews, the percentage of reviews completed, and the level of compliance with review recommendations.
  • BBG's Strategic Plan for 2008-2013 will build on a market-based approach to broadcasting while acknowledging major new challenges and incorporating new strategies to meet them.

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