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Learn and Serve

The purpose of this program is to support and promote service-learning. It awards grants to community organizations and education institutions that implement or promote service-learning programs to increase the likelihood that student participants will become more civically engaged and volunteer more in their communities.


What This Rating Means

Results Not Demonstrated

A rating of Results Not Demonstrated (RND) indicates that a program has not been able to develop acceptable performance goals or collect data to determine whether it is performing.
  • The program can improve its planning by establishing short-term goals that link individual grant performance to its ambitious long-term goals. Short-term and grant goals should relate more directly to improving the civic engagement of participants. Budget requests and strategic plans should estimate the impact of policies, legislative decisions, and funding on short-term and long-term goals.
  • The program uses grant performance information to assess grant progress, adjust grant priorities, and allocate resources. However, participant civic engagement and volunteer data would help program managers better understand the impact the program is having on the long-term outcomes the program is designed to achieve.
  • The program has not collected reliable data on the effects of service-learning methods and variables on the outcomes it is designed to achieve. The program should conduct regular, rigorous, independent evaluations to determine whether or not it is effective and achieving results. This information can be used to improve program management and to better tie budget requests to performance goals.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Ensuring all grantees commit to the program's two new long-term and three new short-term goals through the grant application and approval process.
  • Collecting reliable data on the effects of service-learning methods and variables on the outcomes Learn and Serve America is designed to achieve.
  • Developing a standard measure of service-learning activity, rather than the current measure of only service activity, which occurs as a result of program funds.

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