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Transportation Research and Development Program

The program is designed to coordinate, facilitate, and review the Department of Transportation's research, development and technology (RD&T) programs and activities. Coordination is achieved through coordination bodies, annual RD&T budget and program review, and the promotion of collaborative RD&T pursuits.


What This Rating Means

Results Not Demonstrated

A rating of Results Not Demonstrated (RND) indicates that a program has not been able to develop acceptable performance goals or collect data to determine whether it is performing.
  • The program has developed a coordinated strategic plan covering all Departmental RD&T and tied all RD&T resources to DOT strategic goals; however, the program has not set clear long-term goals and accompanying performance measures, annual objectives and measures that reflect an aggressive program direction, or established an independent program evaluation mechanism.
  • Some partnerships have been created in pursuit of multi-modal collaborative research; however, the program has not been able to provide a critical view of the Department's overall RD&T portfolio and how best to concentrate limited resources for maximum impact.
  • Though the program has achieved some success in promoting basic information-sharing, the program has not developed a reliable means of assesing the management of RD&T programs or the quality of RD&T activities.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Establishing long-term measures and annual targets for RITA's RD&T program that address success in coordination and collaboration of DOT RD&T activities.
  • Creating a database system to inventory and track all of DOT's RD&T activities. All operating administrations will be required to provide updates on all RD&T activities into a centralized database.
  • Continuing development and use of R&D Investment criteria in a more robust and consistent way that evaluates how well DOT RD&T programs or projects are performing.

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