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Defense Contract Management Agency

Provides a broad range of acquisition management services for the Department of Defense (DoD), other Federal Agencies, foreign governments, and authorized internal organizations. In addition, DCMA provides contingency contracting support in Iraq and Afghanistan.


What This Rating Means


This is the highest rating a program can achieve. Programs rated Effective set ambitious goals, achieve results, are well-managed and improve efficiency.
  • DCMA is efficient and effective. DCMA has increased electronic source document processing of key contract actions from 26% in FY 2003 to 88% in FY 2006 as well as increased electronic invoice processing from 66% in FY 2003 to 91% on FY 2006. This effort increases responsiveness, reduces processing time and costs and facilitates the timely closeout of contracts.
  • DCMA is an effective organization that has worked to reduce costs while providing customers with a quality product. Since 2003, customer satisfaction has been greater than 90%, while units costs for contract administration functions have decreased by at least 3% annually.
  • DCMA adheres to strong financial management practices; however, it does not have an unqalified audit opinion. DCMA is free from material internal control weaknesses and is taking action to attain an unqualified audit opinion. DCMA has retained an independent firm to prepare audit assertion and validation packages and has established an audit committee to prepare for this audit.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Tracking the performance of the annual and long-term performance measures with quarterly performance status checks on each goal and taking corrective actions, as necessary, to ensure success.
  • Monitoring quarterly overarching electronic-government output performance measures. Engage with contractors, as necessary, to ensure electronic processing of invoices and source acceptance documents.
  • Comparing the Agency with at least one other program (government or private) with similar purposes and goals in order to incorporate other efficiencies.

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