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Flood and Coastal Storm Damage Reduction (with Dam Safety)

The program aims to protect lives and reduce risk of damages from flooding and storms, and reduces risk of dam failure. The Corps partners with communities to share project construction costs and to design non-structural measures. The Corps also assists states in reducing risk through its floodplain management program.


What This Rating Means


Programs receiving this rating are not using your tax dollars effectively. Ineffective programs have been unable to achieve results due to a lack of clarity regarding the program's purpose or goals, poor management, or some other significant weakness.
  • The program improved from 'Results Not Demonstrated' because it recently adopted a strong suite of performance measures that cover all major program responsibilities. The program is rated 'ineffective' because it only has a short track-record of data for its performance measures, and has some serious underlying program design challenges, although in many ways the program is well-managed.
  • The program has received inconsistent policy guidance which has led to program weaknesses. The program doesn't adequately know the state of the nation's flood risk reduction infrastructure, has methodological challenges (inherent weaknesses of benefit-cost analysis or value of non-monetary benefits), and focuses on providing benefits project-by-project, not on program-wide risk reduction.
  • The program works closely with other Federal, state and local entities. However, the level of coordination is often inadequate, leading to outcomes such as the public being unaware of their flood risk or inadvertently encouraging floodplain housing development. Evidence also indicates that state and local partners may not be properly maintaining completed flood projects.

Improvement Plan

About Improvement Plans

We are taking the following actions to improve the performance of the program:

  • Improving methodologies and collecting information on non-economic project benefits, including risk reduction, environmental, and other non-economic benefits.
  • Continuing to establish a baseline assessment of the status of the Nation's flood and storm damage reduction infrastructure.
  • Working with other agencies to develop recommendations to align program authorities and budgeting with broader goals for reducing flood and storm damage risk.

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