New York

Mary Beth Anderson Goldblatt, Fort Montgomery

Mary Beth was laid off from her job in July, and finances were tight without her income. Thankfully, her family's health insurance remains with her husband's employer. Mary Beth's daughter Alison will graduate from college soon, and she is reassured to know that an additional health policy for her is a big expense she won't have to worry about because Alison can stay on her parents’ plan.

New York's Numbers
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Small businesses who may be eligible for tax credits this year:


Number of residents who hit the donut hole last year and could be eligible for rebates if they hit the donut hole this year:


Number of Medicare beneficiaries who will receive free preventive services and other benefits:


Number of people who purchase private insurance and will not have to worry about lifetime limits being placed on coverage:


Number of people who purchase private insurance who are protected from rescissions:


Number of young adults who could have quality affordable coverage through their parents:


Number of employers that have been approved for the early retiree reinsurance program as of August 31:


Number of early retirees who could benefit from the reinsurance program:


Number of new enrollees with Medicaid expansion:


Amount of Federal Spending Support on Medicaid, 2014-2019 (millions of dollars):



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