What Does $40 Mean to You? Share a Photo

If Congress doesn’t act, the payroll tax cut will expire at the end of February and taxes will go up on 160 million hardworking Americans. The typical family earning $50,000 a year will see about $40 less each paycheck. It’s that simple.

Back in December, when you raised your voices to talk about why this money is so important, Congress extended that tax relief for two months.

Now we want to put a face to your story as well.

Send us a picture that we can pair with your story. We'll use images from Americans around the country on WhiteHouse.gov to show how this extra money helps real people.

So take a minute to snap a photo. Find a way to show us what you'll have to give up without that extra money in your paycheck or just smile for the camera so that everyone who comes to WhiteHouse.gov can see the faces of those who benefit from these tax cuts.


Attach a photo and show us what $40 means to you.