Inside the White House: The State of the Union Address

Ever wanted to know how President Obama tackles his State of the Union address?  Our latest Inside the White House feature takes you into the West Wing offices of Jon Favreau, a longtime speechwriting aide to the President, and Senior Advisor David Axelrod to get a rare glimpse at how the process works -- and how the President is approaching tonight's speech.

You'll also learn about the history of the State of the Union address from U.S. House of Representatives Historian Matthew Wasniewski, and see archival footage of Addresses from decades past.

After you hear the the history of this event, make sure you don't miss out on what's new. When President Obama delivers his Address to the nation at 9 p.m. EST, be sure to check out the first-ever Enhanced State of the Union -- a visual companion of related charts and other content as the President speaks.

Immediately after the speech, we'll take you back to the White House for an event with a panel of policy experts who will take your questions via the web. And throughout the week, there will be a number of ways citizens can engage and ask their questions to the President and senior Administration officials.