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  • Entrance Hall

    The public in the Grand Foyer of the WH, March 31, 2009. (Official WH Photo by S Appleton)

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  • George Bush

    Painting of George Herbert Walker Bush by Herbert Elmer Abrams, 1994

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  • Minerva Clock Thomire 1817

    Mantel Clock by Thomire & Co., c. 1817

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  • Piano Steinway 1938

    Piano by Steinway & Sons, 1938

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  • Pier Table Bellange 1817

    Pier Table by Pierre-Antoine Bellangè, c. 1817

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  • William Jefferson Clinton

    Painting of William Jefferson Clinton by Simmie Knox, 2001

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Entrance Hall

Overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue, this hall serves as a grand foyer for the official reception rooms on the State Floor. During events, the United States Marine Band often performs in this location. Under President Thomas Jefferson, artifacts acquired by explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark (1803-6) and Zebulon Pike (1805-7) were displayed in the Entrance Hall.

The grand staircase leads from the State Floor to the Second Floor and is used primarily for ceremonial occasions. On the lowest landing, President Ronald Reagan took his second oath of office on January 20, 1985. Since inauguration day fell on a Sunday, a private ceremony was held in the White House that day with the official ceremony at the U.S. Capitol on the Monday following. Until 1902 two large staircases led from the State Floor to the Second Floor. A staircase at the west end of the Cross Hall that led to the Family Quarters was removed in 1902 to enlarge the State Dining Room. The winding staircase to the east of the Entrance Hall led to the rooms on the east end of the Second Floor that were used as the presidential offices before the creation of the West Wing. When the 1902 Grand Staircase was rebuilt during the Truman renovation, it was redirected to open into the Entrance Hall for more dramatic formal descents from the Second Floor.