Strengthening the Rural Economy - Conclusion



The history of rural America is one of proud accomplishment.  American agricultural productivity is among the very highest in the world and agricultural products are important exports.  Rural America also contributes to the production of U.S. goods and services in many other sectors including manufacturing, services, government, and wholesale and retail trade.  The President is committed to ensuring that the future of rural America is as distinguished as its past.

The Administration is actively taking steps to put rural Americans on a path toward greater prosperity through a wide range of policies.  One set of policies seeks to promote rural businesses and further the diversification of the rural economy by helping rural small business, fostering rural areas’ role in leading the clean energy transformation, and encouraging rural recreation and tourism.  Other policies are providing crucial investments in rural infrastructure in telecommunications, water distribution, and other areas.  To promote the continued vitality of American agriculture, the Administration is working to open foreign markets, improve farm income support programs, and promote local and regional food systems.  The Administration is also working to strengthen the rural labor force through initiatives in education and healthcare. 

Crucial steps to strengthening the rural economy are already being taken through the Recovery Act and other policies.  These steps include investments in areas ranging from health information technology and education to infrastructure and small business loans; comprehensive health insurance reform that will have large benefits for rural communities; and much more.  The Administration is committed to building on these unprecedented measures in the months and years to come.

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