Office of Administration

The Office of Administration was established by Executive Order on December 12, 1977. The organization's mission is to provide administrative services to all entities of the Executive Office of the President (EOP), including direct support services to the President of the United States. The services include financial management and information technology support, human resources management, library and research assistance, facilities management, procurement, printing and graphics support, security, and mail and messenger operations. The Director of the organization oversees the submission of the annual EOP Budget Request and represents the organization before congressional funding panels.

Freedom of Information Requests

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Office of Administration History

The Executive Office of the President (EOP) officially moved into the EEOB in 1947 after the last of the original occupants, the State Department, moved out. The first EOP entities to move into the old State Building (as the EEOB was known) were the Bureau of the Budget (now the Office of Management and Budget) and the National Security Council.

On December 12, 1977, President Carter issued Executive Order 12028 that merged the administrative functions of ten entities of the EOP, to be consolidated as the Office of Administration (OA). In the following excerpt from that Executive Order, President Carter defined OA's mission statement and role:

Sec. 3 (a) The Office of the Administration shall provide common administrative support and services to all units within the Executive Office of the President, except for such services provided primarily in direct support of the President. The Office of the Administration shall, upon request, assist the White House Office in performing its role of providing those administrative services, which are primarily in direct support of the President.

(b) The common administrative support and services provided by the Office of Administration shall encompass all types of administrative support and services that may be used by, or useful to, units within the Executive Office of the President. Such services and support shall include, but not be limited to, providing support services in the following administrative areas:

1. personnel management services, including equal employment opportunity programs;
2. financial management services;
3. data processing, including support and services;
4. library, records and information services;
5. office services and operations, including mail, messenger, printing and duplication, graphics, word processing, procurement, and supply services; and
6. any other administrative support or service, which will achieve financial savings and increase efficiency through centralization of the supporting service.

Preservation Office

What does the facilities management division do?

As part of the Office of Administration, the Facilities Management Division's mission is to professionally manage the use of space and oversee the maintenance of space within all EOP facilities and provide excellence in customer service. The core functions include the Facility Request Program, Space Management, Project Oversight, Conference and Meeting Support, Preservation Stewardship, and Recycling Program Management.

What does the Preservation Office do?

As part of the Facilities Management Division, the Preservation Office's mission is the preservation of the historic and architectural integrity of the EOP properties. This involves the following tasks:

  1. Oversee the restoration and preservation of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB), the East and West Wings of the White House, and the Jackson Place Townhouses, among other selected properties.
  2. Direct and manage public education programs on the history of the EOP properties (these include special presentations, exhibitions, brochures and other informational requests).
  3. Maintain collections of furnishings, decorative arts, architectural fragments, prints and drawings, and research files, as well as manage the receipt of gifts and the loans of materials and furnishings.

Completed Projects

Since its establishment, the Preservation Office has initiated and overseen several restoration projects such as the award-winning restoration of the slate and cast iron roof and the restoration of the three Department libraries originally occupying the building (the State, War, and Navy Departments). The Secretary of the Navy's office has been restored to its circa 1900 appearance and serves as the ceremonial office of the Vice President. The Pennsylvania Avenue entrance, bronze stair balusters, corridors, corner domes and the fifth floor east and west rotundas have also been restored to their original appearance. Additional work has included repair and replacement of window sash and doors; rebuilding the exterior plazas including lighting, fencing and paving; repair and upgrading of the elevators; and installation of a fire suppression system in the basement. In all the projects that are completed, the work is monitored to assure consistency with preservation criteria. In 1988, Congress enacted legislation to allow the Office of Administration to accept gifts and loans for preservation activities so as to shift the expense to public and private partnerships.

Current Projects

Preservation, renovation, and restoration projects overseen by the Preservation Office are underway at all times. Current projects at the EEOB include a thorough modernization of the entire building, which is the building's first comprehensive renovation of all systems since its original construction.

How to apply for a competitive (non-political) job:

If you are interested in applying for competitive (non-political), permanent and temporary positions within the Executive Office of the President you can view those vacancies on the Office of Personnel Management's USAJOBS website at