Preservation Projects

Since its establishment, the Office has initiated and overseen several projects such as the award-winning restoration of the EEOB slate and cast iron roof and the restoration of the three Department libraries originally occupying the EEOB (the State, War, and Navy Departments).

EEOB Library

The Secretary of the Navy's office has been restored to its circa 1900 appearance and serves as the ceremonial office of the Vice President.

EEOB Interior office

 The northwest dome was restored in 1984. It was once used as a filing center for the War Department.

EEOB Rotunda

Additional work has also included repair and replacement of window sash and doors; rebuilding the exterior plazas including lighting, fencing and paving; repair and upgrading of the elevators; and installation of a fire suppression system in the basement.

EEOB Exterior

Current projects at the EEOB include a thorough modernization of the entire building, which is the building's first comprehensive renovation of all systems since its original construction.

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