Public Access to Digital Data: Public Comment

On November 3, 2011, OSTP released a Request for Information (RFI) soliciting public input on long-term preservation of, and public access to, the results of federally funded research, including digital data ,as required in the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010. Below are the public comments received by OSTP during the comment period. You can read the RFI on digital data here. Comments on the questions in the RFI were accepted through January 12, 2012.

OSTP has established an interagency policy group under the National Science and Technology Council—the Interagency Working Group on Digital Data—to identify the specific objectives and public interests that need to be addressed by any policies in this area. The group will take into account the varying missions, types of data, standards, and dissemination models associated with the range of Federal science agencies and scientific disciplines, and will help OSTP address other public access requirements in the COMPETES Act.

The comments are presented below as a single document and individually, in chronological order, in the accompanying table. Click on a name below to see that person's comments. Any additional materials provided by the commenter can be accessed by clicking on the index numbers in the Supplementary Information column.

Single PDF containing all 118 comments


 Index #  Name  Institution Supplementary Information
1 Joseph A. Konstan Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota   
2 Bill Tierney, MD, MACP Regenstrief Institute, Inc.  
3 Johann van Reenen Office of the Vice President for Research, University of New Mexico   
4 Gary N. Geller, Ph.D. NASA Ecological Forecasting Program, Jet Propulsion Laboratory  
5 German Cavelier, PhD Office for Technology Development and Coordination, National Institute of Mental Health  
6 Holly Shulman Department of History, University of Virginia  
7 Larry Warn    
8 Paul D. Fernhout    
9 C. Carl Jaffe, MD Boston University  
10 Libbie Stephenson on behalf of UCLA Social Science Data Archive  
11 Tyler Walters on behalf of Coordinating Committee, National Digital Stewardship Alliance  
12 Andrew Vickers, PhD Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center  
13 Miriam Blake Los Alamos National Laboratory  
14 Susan H. Brawley on behalf of Phycological Society of America  
15 Tim Strawn on behalf of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo  
16 Gail Steinhart Cornell University  
17 H. Frederick Dylla on behalf of American Institute of Physics  
18 James Milne PhD on behalf of RSC Publishing  
19 Stephanie Wright University of Washington Libraries  
20 Gail Kearns    
21 George Moody PhysioNet/Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology 21a
22 Michele Kimpton on behalf of DuraSpace Organization 22a
23 Victoria Reich Stanford University Libraries 23a
24 Paul Beier School of Forestry, Northern Arizona University  
25 Niko Pfund on behalf of Oxford University Press  
26 Mary Ellen Petrich Stanford University  
27 Gary R. VandenBos, PhD, on behalf of American Psychological Association  
28 Walter S. Snyder Department of Geosciences, Boise State University  
29 Scholarly Communication Working Group Oregon State University Libraries  
30 Sue Parchick    
31 Don Kirksey    
32 YoungSuk Chi on behalf of Elsevier  
33 Ginny Steel on behalf of University of California Council of University Librarians  
34 Mr. Donivan Porterfield    
35 Deborah Jakubs/Kevin L. Smith/Paolo Mangiafico on behalf of Duke University Libraries  
36 Myles Axton PhD Nature Genetics 36a
37 Joseph R. Kraus Penrose Library, University of Denver  
38 Samuel Helfaer Yale University  
39 Claude R. Canizares/Ann J. Wolpert on behalf of MIT  
40 Daniel Crichton on behalf of  Planetary Data System Team  
41 Tom Terwilliger International Union of Crystallography  
42 James Jacobs Free Government Information  
43 George Alter on behalf of Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan  
44 Timothy Bogart    
45 Todd Vision/Heather Piwowar University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/DataONE and Duke University  
46 Dr. Ray Perkins on behalf of New Liberty Proteomics Corp.  
47 Allan Robert Adler on behalf of Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers  
48 Debra Elmegreen/Chris Biemesderfer/Kevin B. Marvel/Richard F. Green on behalf of American Astronomical Society  
49 Mary Whelan/Sherrie Schmidt Arizona State University Libraries  
50 Daniel Lee    
51 John Wilbanks    
52 Eric Kansa on behalf of The Alexandria Archive Institute  
53 Gloriana St. Clair/Denise Troll Covey on behalf of University Libraries, Carnegie Mellon University  
54 Harry Hochheiser Department of Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh  
55 Mitchell Warren on behalf of  AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention  
56 Ahmet Erdemir Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic  
57 Anthony P. DeCrappeo on behalf of Council on Governmental Relations  
58 Julia Lane/Ron Wasserstein on behalf of Committee on Privacy and Confidentiality, American Statistical Association  
59 Babak Hamidzadeh on behalf of University of Maryland Libraries  
60 Karen Schools Colson on behalf of Association for Research in Vision and Ophthamology  
61 John P. Ochs on behalf of Publications Division, American Chemical Society  
62 Brian M. Bot Sage Bionetworks  
63 Ellen Paul on behalf of  The Ornithological Council  
64 Francis P. McManamon, Ph.D., RPA on behalf of Center for Digital Antiquity, Arizona State University  
65 Catherine Casserly/Timothy Vollmer on behalf of Creative Commons  
66 Morteza Gharib on behalf of  California Institute of Technology  
67 Catherine Soehner on behalf of JW Marriott Library, University of Utah  
68 Martin Halbert, PhD, MLIS on behalf of  University of North Texas  
69 Amanda K. Rinehart    
70 Leslie D. McIntosh, PhD, MPH/Jon Corson-Rikert Center for Biomedical Informatics, Washington University in St. Louis/Cornell University  
71 David W. Robinson, Ph.D., on behalf of  Oregon Health & Science University  
72 Andrew Sallans/Bill Corey/Sherry Lake Scientific Data Consulting Group  
73 Lynn Yarmey on behalf of National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado Boulder  
74 Jonathan Izant PhD on behalf of Sage Bionetworks  
75 John Hawks, Ph.D. Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison  
76 Nathan Hall on behalf of  Virginia Tech University Libraries  
77 Victoria Stodden Department of Statistics, Columbia University  
78 Micah Altman, Ph.D., on behalf of Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences 78a
79 Felice J. Levine, PhD on behalf of  American Educational Research Association  
80 Michael Carroll/Meredith Jacob Washington College of Law, American University  
81 Brian Westra  Science Data Services, University of Oregon  
82 Wendy Pradt Lougee on behalf of  University of Minnesota Libraries  
83 Marianne Buehler    
84 Amber Boehnlein Scientific Computing, SLAC  
85 Abigail Goben    
86 Ken Moore on behalf of IEEE  
87 Pat Lambert    
88 Erich S. Huang Sage Bionetworks  
89 Matt Mayernik/Mary Marlino/Karon Kelly on behalf of National Center for Atmospheric Research Library  
90 Dr. Paul Weimer on behalf of American Association of Petroleum Geologists  
91 Elizabeth Grossman, Ph.D. on behalf of Technology Policy Group, Microsoft Corporation  
92 Matthew Cockerill on behalf of BioMed Central  
93 Kara Malenfant on behalf of Association of College and Research Libraries  
94 Joseph W. Serene on behalf of American Physical Society  
95 Dr. Cameron Neylon    
96 Jorge Contreras on behalf of American University - Washington College of Law  
97 G. Sayeed Choudhury/Prudence Adler/Heather Joseph on behalf of Johns Hopkins University Libraries  
98 Paul Courant on behalf of University of Michigan Libraries  
99 Prof. Jason R. Swedlow/Dr. Emma Hill on behalf of Open Microscopy Environment  
100 Patrick Durusau OASIS Technical Advisory Board  
101 Tim Sands on behalf of Purdue University  
102 David Lowe University of Connecticut Libraries  
103 John M. Fitzgerald, J. D. on behalf of Society for Conservation Biology  
104 Julie McClure, Ph.D. on behalf of American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  
105 Laurel V. Munk, MLS on behalf of AABB  
106 Katie Sharkey Kitware Inc.  
107 Daniel Linzer on behalf of Northwestern University  
108 Mike Rossner The Rockefeller University Press  
109 James R. O'Dell on behalf of American College of Rheumatology  
110 Mary Ochs on behalf of United States Agricultural Information Network  
111 Clifford Lynch on behalf of Coalition for Networked Information  
112 Rebecca Kennison on behalf of Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, Columbia University  
113 Edward Van Gemert on behalf of University of Wisconsin-Madison  
114 Dr. Melissa Haendel on behalf of Resource Discovery Group  
115 Adrian Pohl    
116 Dr. Karen Cole Archie Dykes Library of the Health Sciences, University of Kansas Medical Center  
117 Gavin Baker School of Library and Information Studies, Florida State University  
118 Katherine McCarter on behalf of Ecological Society of America