Office of Science and Technology Policy

Executive Office of the President

January 31, 2012 

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama laid out a Blueprint for an America Built to Last, underscoring his commitment to create new manufacturing jobs here in America and spur innovation by investing in research and development.  In particular, ongoing investment in technology, measurement, and standards will be essential to ensuring American competitiveness in the 21st century.


Strengthening Innovation in Manufacturing

  • Connecting Manufacturers with New Ideas: The National Innovation Marketplace (NIM) is an on-line toolthat helps manufacturers find emerging technologies and market opportunities.  The NIM brings together ideas, products, and future opportunities that businesses need to identify new markets, diversify, and create new jobs. 
  • Software to Help Manufacturers:  The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) offers a Manufacturing Software and Tools Portal that provides manufacturers ready access to software that can facilitate standards development, testing and evaluation, and applications development. 
  • New Tools to Help Small Manufacturers:Last year the Administration launched a new public-private partnership, called the National Design Engineering and Manufacturing Consortium (NDEMC), to democratize and accelerate the use of modeling and simulation tools for small- and medium-sized manufacturers.
  • Matching Defense Department Needs with American Manufacturers:  Last year the Department of Defense (DOD) solicited input, as part of an effort called “Connecting American Manufacturers,” to find new online procurement tools that can help the DOD widen its pool of American manufacturers.
  • Make In Detroit:  “Make in Detroit,” a comprehensive resource platform specifically designed to spur innovation in the manufacturing sector, was launched as part of

the grassroots response to President Obama’s Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) Initiative.

Leveraging Scientific Research

  • Scientific Data as the “Building Blocks” of Innovation:To ensure that industry and entrepreneurs can benefit from scientific breakthroughs, NIST provides easy access to over 80 scientific and technical databases.  These databases cover a broad range of substances and properties from many different scientific disciplines, and include both paid and free resources.

Standards Supporting Innovation

Standards are critical to American competitiveness, technological innovation, and global trade because they facilitate manufacturing, speed delivery, and enable the widespread use of countless products and services in the market today.

Funding and Partnering Opportunities

  • Research Grants:  NIST funds industrial and academic research, including small business research and development.  NIST also offers other grants to encourage work in specific fields, such as precision measurement, fire research, and materials science.  Learn more here.   
  • Bringing Technologies from Lab to Market:   NIST provides resources for companies and entrepreneurs who are interested in licensing and commercializing technologies invented at NIST laboratories.


Fostering Innovation in Manufacturing with Open Data

  • Data and Resources for Manufacturers:Manufacturing.gov is a platform for sharing ideas, tools, training, and insights to support U.S. manufacturers.  The portal will include information on key issues for the manufacturing industry, such as economic growth policies and innovation training, as well as other resources available from the Federal Government that can help improve the business climate for U.S. manufacturing. Manufacturing.gov, which aligns with the broader data.govcommunities effort, will feature Federal manufacturing data and links to other open data resources and tools.

New Funding and Partnering Opportunities

  • Public-Private Partnerships:  NIST’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, a catalyst for strengthening American manufacturing, will develop a searchable, web-based resource of public-private initiatives that can speed commercialization and encourage innovation.  Manufacturers, technology firms, and entrepreneurs across the country will be able to easily identify and contact more than 2,000 public-private organizations and initiatives that offer capital, entrepreneurial support, technical assistances, and access to new markets.
  • Advanced Manufacturing Grants:  In Fiscal Year 2012, NIST will solicit proposals to create new technology road maps specifically aimed at developing evolutionary and transformational technological innovations that support the U.S. advanced manufacturing industry.
  • National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace Grants Program:  The Administration, through the National Strategy for Trusted Identities for Cyberspace (NSTIC), has called for raising the level of trust associated with the identities of individuals, organizations, services, and devices involved in online transactions.  In Fiscal Year 2012, NIST will solicit proposals for pilot projects that demonstrate the feasibility of creating and using trusted identities in cyberspace in a variety of ways and with a variety of partners.  The pilots will also demonstrate the feasibility of new products in this area.  
  • Challenges and Competitions to Harness American Creativity: Challenges can spur industry and academia to identify solutions to particular problems. Competitions can stimulate advancements in specific technology areas.   The challenges and competitions that NIST leads or supports will be added to challenge.gov.