Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation

Community Solutions Initiatives

Our Office will focus on three mission areas that comprise a bottom-up, innovative, and results-oriented “community solutions” agenda. To deliver on this agenda, we will marshal the power of service, social innovation, and partnerships to solve our most pressing challenges. Across the Administration, federal agencies are acting on this agenda.

This page serves as a place to learn more about initiatives the Administration is embarking on that reflect each of the Office’s mission areas. While each initiative is listed under a mission area, many are cross-cutting, including elements of two or all three of the mission areas.

Promote Service as a Solution and Create a New Generation of Leadership

We know that service is not separate from our national priorities -- it is key to addressing these priorities. We want to broaden opportunities for all Americans to serve and have an impact in their communities, and build a new generation of community leaders who are tackling our toughest challenges.

Administration Initiatives:

Increase Investment in and Provide Incentives for Innovative Solutions that Demonstrate Results

We will work with Federal agencies to create tools, such as innovation funds, prizes and other social capital market structures to  drive resources toward community solutions that are demonstrating success and help them to serve more individuals, families, and communities. We will also work across government and with non-government partners to promote better mechanisms to measure and evaluate programs and partnerships to improve outcomes, to create greater knowledge about what works, and to understand and disseminate why it works. And we will work to create a more effective government by breaking down barriers to innovation.

Administration Initiatives:

Develop New, Innovative Models of Partnership

We will find new ways for the government to partner with private organizations in solving shared problems, and we will develop new, innovative models of partnership to effectively leverage the institutional advantages of each sector of the economy. We are looking to advance partnership models that produce outcomes with greater impact than what could be achieved independently.

Administration Initiatives: