Tragedy in Arizona

On Saturday, January 8th, 2011, senseless acts of violence committed in Tucson, Arizona claimed innocent lives. On January 12th, President Obama spoke to an emotional crowd at a memorial event in Tucson, Arizona.  The grief for the victims of the tragic shooting there was overwhelming, but so too was the admiration for the heroes who risked their lives to prevent even greater loss, as well as the hope for the survivors to see full recoveries.  The President asked those in the hall and across America to channel their emotions toward the pursuit of a more perfect union, saying that "If this tragedy prompts reflection and debate -- as it should -- let’s make sure it’s worthy of those we have lost."  Watch the President's remarks in full below or read the transcript:

This video is no longer available.

Photo Gallery: The President and First Lady Travel to Arizona

Chief White House Photographer Pete Souza followed the President and First Lady as they met with the families affected by the tragedy, thanked the heroes and doctors who treated the victims, and participated in the memorial service.


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