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Your Feedback on the Eight Health Insurance Consumer Protections

We’re getting a lot of feedback through our social networks concerning President’s eight health insurance consumer protections.
Take Twitter, for example. For those of you not familiar with that network, the usernames are preceded with an "@" (for example, ours is @whitehouse) and a unique code (#hcip) is often used to categorize a message.
Here’s what some folks are saying:
@travelerbill – I've hd 2 heart ops in 2 yrs-the h/c prots will allow me 2 no longer fear my lifetime coverage maxing out before I do! #hicp
@DJonRoberts#hicp means my self-employed parents have more money to spend paying back my student loans.
@monkcat – These will encourage providers to keep us healthy, thus reducing costs, but protection will always be there if/when needed #hicp
@billstrong – As the father of a terminally ill child, approaching our lifetime private insurance cap knowing we are uninsurable is frightening. #hicp
@completelydark – "Abide by yearly caps on how much [ins] can charge for out-of-pocket expenses." Yes! My mom stopped meds due to cost. She died 5/24/08 #hicp
@nbboston – Protections mean I don't have to choose between increasingly high co-pays for preventative care and groceries #hicp
@TXSolutionaries – together these 8 rules create a unified strategy to reduce costs and improve care, instead of piecemeal and scattered changes #hicp
@weishin – As a doctor, I won't have to worry about patients not getting screening tests because it's not covered by insurance.
These eight core principles of health insurance consumer protections demonstrate how health reform legislation will benefit you and your family directly.
You can read more responses, and react through social networks like Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.