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Word from the White House: President Obama Welcomes Doctors from Around the Country

It's no secret that institutions of all stripes focus their communications on certain messages day to day. We thought it would all be a little more open and transparent if we went ahead and published what our focus will be for the day, along with any related articles, reports or documents.
Talking Points: President Obama Welcomes Doctors from around the Country
·        Today, President Obama will welcome doctors from across the United States to the White House to share their unique perspective on the struggles that American families face every day when it comes to health care. 
·        These doctors know as well as anyone that inaction is no longer an option as so many people from all across America face rising costs and growing insecurity with their health insurance.
·        They have seen firsthand what's broken about our health care system.
o   They have seen what happens when their patients can't get the care they need because their coverage has been watered down or are forced to pay thousands of dollars they don’t have for the care they need.
o   They've seen what happens when patients can't get regular screenings or checkups, and they’ve seen far too much of their time spent on filling out forms and haggling with insurance company bureaucrats.
·        That's why they have decided to join the President in pushing for health insurance reform this year.
·        They also know that, despite the scary rumors being spread by defenders of the status quo, health insurance reform will not put government bureaucrats between doctors and patients. 
o   They wouldn't be coming to the White House to push for reform if they thought it would damage that sacred doctor-patient relationship.
·        President Obama's health insurance reform plan will give Americans who have insurance unprecedented security and stability.  It will give Americans without insurance quality, affordable options.  And it will lower the cost of health care for our families, our businesses, and our government.