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Editorial Boards Across the Country Agree: Repealing the Affordable Care Act is a Bad Idea

Editorial boards and columnists in newspapers across the nation weigh in on why repealing the health reforms in the Affordable Care Act doesn't make sense for the country.

As you may have seen in our earlier posts from Secretary Geithner and Assistant to the President for Special Projects Stephanie Cutter, Republicans in the House of Representatives have scheduled time today to vote on a bill to repeal the new freedoms, control over health care decisions, and cost savings the health care law---the Affordable Care Act---provides the American people.

Repeal would be bad for business, bad for the economy, and bad for families’ bank accounts. It would also leave Americans to once again worry about:

  • Losing their insurance, or having it canceled unexpectedly if they are in an accident or become sick;
  • Insurance companies raising premiums by double-digits with no recourse or accountability;
  • Insurance companies denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions; and
  • Limiting the amount of care people can receive, even if they need it.   

Editorial boards and columnists in newspapers across the nation have written at length about why repeal doesn’t make sense for the country: