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Paving the Way for Clean Tech Innovations

CEO of Zam Energy, Erin Geegan, "plans to help: hospitals, cities, universities, school districts, airports, stadiums and community neighborhoods by redesigning parking places into clean energy centers" -- what she sees as much-needed clean tech innovation in energy and transportation.

Erin Geegan is being recognized as a Champion of Change for her work advancing new ideas that are leading the way to a clean energy future and an economy that’s built to last.

It is a great honor to receive recognition as a Champion of Change for Renewable Energy as part of President Obama’s “Winning the Future” initiative.   It is my hope to capture the imagination of America by conveying the vital progress of clean tech innovation in the industries of energy and transportation. Now solar power can be delivered as a transportation fuel for all modes of travel including personal vehicles, motorbikes, and truck fleets.  Innovation is the hallmark of the clean tech industry. It is very exciting to be here telling you all about the possibilities for change that will make futuregenerations proud that America had the courage to make a necessary transition at a time when it was needed.

I hope you will join me to make that change to benefit many generations ahead, now. Join me in your workplace and community and by contacting your congressional representatives to champion a vision where electric cars, parking lots, buildings and renewable energy sources enable collaborative communities.  A new vision supporting rewired ecosystems of people, devices, and electric cars, into a social network space interacting with sustainable sources of energy.

Americans love their cars, and are quickly embracing solar power as it reaches grid parity, which is the same cost as consumers pay to get their electricity from a coal powered plant. Your electric car or even large fleets of commercial electric vehicles are the smarter, less expensive transportation solution. Parking structures can now become a highly profitable, power producing asset on a facility too. Electric Vehicles can back-up power to a house or facility if the grid goes down, or even send power to the Grid during peak demand to avoid firing up a coal powered plant. This is all possible today. It is a world where filling-up does not hurt the pocket book, as do fossil fuels, with the added joy of breathing-in cleaner air.  Reduced reliance on finite fuels, and increased national security, not to mention new employment opportunities supporting local job growth, are factors key to sustainable U.S. economic growth that solar energy and the electric vehicle bring.

There are an estimated 600,000,000 passenger cars in the world, a number on the increase, as are the number of parking spaces.  In some cities, parking lots cover more than one-third of the metropolitan footprint. My company Zam Energy plans to help Hospitals, Cities, Universities, School Districts, Airports, Stadiums and community neighborhoods by redesigning parking places into clean energy centers. Keep an eye out for the up and coming architecturally beautiful gathering places where solar carports harvest a home grown transportation fuel, hopefully soon in a community near you.

Let’s work together to position America as a world model towards electrifying transportation using clean fuel; transportation fuel that is homegrown with solar energy. Join the generation of people who made the transition to using a new energy that will reduce CO2, reduce smog, reduce dependence on foreign oil imports, and increase our ability to export a clean, made in America,energy solution.

Erin Geegan is CEO of Zam Energy and part of the leadership team for Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) in the Rocky Mountain Region.