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A Veterans Path

A soldiers path in life when returning home is not always clear cut and obvious. Cassaundra learned this the hard way when she completed her service as she began going to college full-time, working full-time, and raising two children. She now serves veterans by reaching out to mentor women leaving the armed forces with her organization F7 group.

Cassaundra St. John is being recognized as a Champion of Change for her dedication to service and her continued support for fellow women veterans.

It is a great honor to be recognized as a Champion of Change for providing resources to our Female Veterans and Women in Military Families. This honor is a testament to women of the eras and branches who have served our country-in and beside the uniform. It is not only my passion to work with women in military families; but my privilege to have the honor of working with those who sacrifice and serve so that the rest of the nation can pursue the American Dream.

When I completed my Active Duty service in the Air Force, I anticipated a world of opportunities. I quickly learned that my service was not enough to get me to the places I wanted to be, so I begin to pursue a higher education. Going to school full-time, working full-time and raising two toddlers was not an easy feat-but I gave myself no other option. My path was clear and direct. I thought this was the path to a bright future. . 

After graduating Magna Cum Laude, Graduate School was a natural progression. A year later I walked the stage to receive the hard-earned MBA, thinking that was the key to opportunity. I had served my country and had an advanced degree. I had proven my worth and I would be validated for that. I finally got to the place I wanted to be-ready to pursue my dreams and career aspirations. Still a member of the Texas Air National Guard and working at well-know advertising agency, I was living “the Dream”. Then I was told that my commitment to the Guard was going to interfere with my commitment to the agency. Not knowing the options, the agency was the choice. There were no mentoring programs or women to whom I could turn for advice.

It’s been a long road from that young girl, fresh out of the USAF who could only find a job in potato chip factory.

I have made the choice to focus my energy and efforts on women in military families because these are women of valor, women of service and women who have earned the opportunities we all tend to take for granted. These women need resources, support, training and mentors. They are looking for women who have walked in their shoes and understand the military life.  It is a great honor to work for those who sacrifice, as service members and as family members of those who serve. My passion is to serve those who build this country: the service members, the entrepreneurs and the future leaders of this great nation. The uniform may be different, the boots replaced with running shoes, but my passion for service lives on and thrives through F7 Group.

Cassaundra St. John is the Founder/CEO of the F7 Group.