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Read Some More Stories from the Middle Class Tax Cut Debate

Americans from across the country are speaking out about extending tax cuts for the middle class.

In the past week, more than 300,000 people have spoken up about the importance of extending the middle-class tax cuts. More than 100,000 stories have been sent in to the White House website alone, and they continue to make for powerful reading.

Here's another round of stories from Americans from all over the country that were too good for us not to share:

Nan, California -- I'm a single mom with a daughter in high school. As a nurse, I make a good income, and I've been saving to help my daughter afford a college education. I can't add to savings for college and pay an additional $2000. in taxes."

Nathan, Oklahoma -- It means helping our four kids have what they need for school and paying the extra medical and dental bills that crop up annually. This is a huge amount for a family our size on our incomes.

Christopher, Tennessee -- Being a father of 2 supporting a middle class family, $2000 is a huge amount of money. It would help pay for our children's medical bills and help to build a savings for their future.

Virginia, Texas -- $2000 means prescriptions for my multiple sclerosis and my husband's high blood pressure. It means tuition for the boy we're putting through college.

Pamela, New York -- Money to help my 70 yr old mother cover her medical and daily expenses.

Sonya, Nevada -- $2,000 will allow me to give more to charities that have a greater need because there is still far too many people are hurting.

Jared, Michigan -- It means about 3 months of childcare for my son.

Shania, North Carolina -- $2,000 is my mortgage payment + Water bill + Gas bill + Electric bill + Gas for the car + life insurance payment for 1 month.

Julie, Ohio -- $2,000 is 3 months of rent. I need this.

Joshua, Maine -- A tax increase of $2,000 would mean that I would need to find an additional job.

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