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David Plouffe: "Your story bouncing around the White House"

David Plouffe sends a message to the White House email list.

Senior Advisor to the President David Plouffe just sent the message below to the White House email list, describing how stories from real people are making a difference in the fight to extend the tax cuts for the middle class. If you didn't get the email, be sure to sign up.

Hello --

Unless Congress acts, middle-class income taxes are going up on January 1. That's why President Obama is asking people to speak out, and it's why so many folks from across the country are taking him up on that request.

Now we're doing everything we can to make sure those voices become part of the debate here in Washington.

We're putting these stories on the front page of the White House website. We're sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. The President and Vice President are talking about them in their speeches, and taking time to sit down with folks who have written in.

To tell a couple of those stories, we've put together a really great video, highlighting two people who've written in.

Will you check it out, then share it with your friends?

Tiffany Santana is a teacher. Her husband is an autoworker. They have a son, who is in elementary school. Their family lives with her parents -- both of whom still work. Tiffany wrote to the White House to say that a $2,000 tax increase would mean losing a month of rent.

Ann Marie Munos works full time while caring for her mother, her sister, and her husband, all of whom are living with disabilities. She described the impact that raising taxes would have on the broader economy -- how middle-class families would have less "buying power."

Because they spoke out, Tiffany hosted President Obama in her home and Ann Marie went to lunch with Vice President Biden. But they're not alone. Every person who has written in to us will have their story read by someone here at the White House. That's the bottom line -- someone is going to take time to listen.

And here's what all that means: This debate, which affects millions of middle-class families, isn't happening in a typical Washington bubble where pundits and policymakers talk past each other as they try to rack up political points.

Instead, your voices are being heard, and that's making a difference.

Now we need your help to keep the conversation going. Watch this video, then share it so that others in your community will join the debate:



David Plouffe
Senior Advisor
White House

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