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#AskFLOTUS: The First Lady Discusses Let’s Move! on Twitter

First Lady Michelle Obama answers your questions on Twitter.

Ed. note: This post was originally published on the Let's Move! website.

First Lady Michelle Obama participates in a “Let’s Move!” Twitter Office Hour in the First Lady’s East Wing Office of the White House

First Lady Michelle Obama participates in a “Let’s Move!” Twitter Office Hour in the First Lady’s East Wing Office of the White House. March 11, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

Earlier today, First Lady Michelle Obama hopped on Twitter to discuss Let's Move!, her initiative to ensure our nation’s kids grow up healthy. During the chat with people from around the country, Mrs. Obama shared her favorite cardio workout (it’s kickboxing), winter recipes she loves (and a great resource for Pinspiration), plus a new program that will bring physical activity back to schools (and how you can get involved).

Check out the full Q&A below, or over on Storify. And be sure to follow @FLOTUS and @LetsMove on Twitter for updates and news about the Let’s Move! initiative and how you can get involved.

#AskFLOTUS About Let's Move!

On Monday, March 10th, First Lady Michelle Obama answered some of your questions about Let's Move! using her office's @FLOTUS account. Check out the full Q&A below.

Storified by Let's Move!· Mon, Mar 11 2013 09:10:42

Hi everyone! I'm excited to be here to answer some of your @letsmove questions. Let's get started! -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
Right now, the First Lady is answering your questions about @LetsMove! on Twitter. Join with #AskFLOTUS:
I’m a new mom who loves exercising! @LetsMove What can I do to make sure my little girl grows up finding fun in fitness too? #AskFLOTUSStarlene Stringer
.@StarleneS Already off to great start -- as parents we are our kids first & best role models when it comes to exercising -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
.@StarleneS Here's a tip: Find what they like & don't be afraid to be silly, i.e. #momdancing -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS @letsmove #AskFLOTUS How much exercise are kids supposed a day?grownandcurvywoman
.@grownandcurvywo A minimum of 60 minutes a day -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS @letsmove What's your favourite cardio workout? #AskFLOTUSNiavski
.@Niavski To relieve stress I love kick boxing -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS What is being done to make vegetables and healthier foods more available to rural families? #AskFLOTUSDerek Bell
.@DubyaBell Farmers markets an excellent way to serve rural communities & working to increase grocery stores in those areas -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
how did you start good eating and exercise habits for your daughters? I have a 10 month old daughter and want some tips :) #AskFLOTUSamia
.@paganmama9 Veggies & fruits as early as possible. Also, stay away from processed foods when possible. -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS what are steps we should all take to combat negative body image in children? #AskFLOTUSSara G-R K
.@SGRK1 Focus on how kids feel, not how they look. -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
I'm a tech nerd. Any gadgets or apps you've found that have helped you stay healthy? @letsmove #askFLOTUSJustin W Murdock
.@kindofadork For easy, healthy & tech friendly #MyPlate recipes, see our new pinboard on @Pinterest: -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
#AskFLOTUS what is your favorite healthy winter recipe? Still waiting for spring vegetables here in Chicago!Gracie Foxwell
.@GracieFoxwell I love turkey & veggie chili -- lots of great recipes here: -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS @letsmove #AskFLOTUS How do we get schools to include Gym &/or Recess in their Curriculum?Susan Danzig
.@SusanDanzig219 Just launched a great new program to get kids moving in schools: -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS #AskFLOTUS just found out that my state, #WV, has the highest percentage of obesity--how can I help promote fitness in my community?Kelli Barnette
.@kmbarnette Small changes work. Start a walking club, plant a garden & work with kids in your neighborhood -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS How do you find time in your schedule to exercise? #askflotusAnacostia Yogi
.@AnacostiaYogi Make exercise a priority. Early morning workouts are key for me. That way I'm done before the day gets busy. -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS @letsmove #AskFLOTUS Portions are so huge in America, so how do we encourage kids at a young age to decrease their portion sizes?Gopi Oza
.@gopi_oza It starts at home. Teach kids about healthy portions at a young age. Use #MyPlate as a guide. -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS how do we make exercise for kids as enjoyable as the popular video games out there? #askflotusPat Dean
.@mediadean There are great active video games, like DDR. Also, limit screen time & encourage outdoor play when possible. -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS Would LOVE to get involved with #LetsMove. Is there a way to locate employment, volunteer, evaluation opportunities? #AskFLOTUSJen Mortensen
.@jen_mortensen Get involved -- go to Let's Move cities, town & counties to get started: -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
Hi, First Lady. I'm interested in growing a kitchen garden with my 8 year old niece. Do you have any tips? #AskFLOTUSAnne D.
.@1986Merican Start small with something she can manage, like a container garden. Plant what she likes & keep it fun! -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS Do you have any favorite fun family activities with Summer soon approaching? #AskFLOTUSDel
.@TweetsFromDel We enjoy biking as a family when we can. -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, what do you recommend for children trying to get their parents active/healthy? #AskFLOTUSJaclyn Deihl
Great question @JacDeihl! Get rid of the junk food, cook healthy meals with your parents & take them for a walk after dinner. -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
#AskFlotus How can your #LetsMove campaign be incorporated into the classroom?Fallon
.@fallonmarie93 It just takes one champion to change a classroom or a school. Find out how: -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
@FLOTUS asking on behalf of an @826la student in 4th grade: "is Let's Move really going to work?" #AskFLOTUSAlbert Ching
.@albertxii @826LA We're seeing positive changes, it will take everyone doing their part, kids too! (so eat your veggies) -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS
This was fun! Gotta go -- will talk to you all soon. Until then, eat healthy & keep moving! -mo #AskFLOTUSFLOTUS

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