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The Faces of Health Care: Curtis T.

Curtis T. wrote the President to tell him the story of his late husband, Mark -- and how his life may have been saved under the Affordable Care Act.

"Please remember that you have someone here that believes in you and is proud to have you as leader of the United States."

In a letter to the President, Curtis T. wrote about his husband, Mark, who he'd been with for 19 "quite exceptional" years. Under the old health care system, Mark hadn't been able to get health insurance due to a preexisting heart condition.

When Mark came down with the flu in late 2012, it developed into pneumonia, stressing his already-weak heart.

In January of 2013, Mark passed away from a heart attack.

"Had he had proper insurance, perhaps he would have gone to the doctor sooner," Curtis wrote, "and maybe he just might still be alive today."

Curtis also noted that Mark's two-week stay in the hospital eliminated their entire retirement savings -- and now, at age 50, without Mark's help, he has to start all over.

"I hope that 'Obamacare' can save another same-sex couple the agony and anguish that not having it has caused," Curtis wrote. "My life is broken now, but perhaps others won't be because of your persistence in trying to help all Americans."

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