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Three Letters to the President: We Need to Invest in Our Schools and Teachers

Three Americans wrote the President on why we need to invest in -- not cut -- the schools that need funding and resources the most.

Every day, the White House receives tens of thousands of letters, faxes, and emails from Americans across the country. Garrett, Tamika, and Cheryl are three of those letter-writers. These are their stories.

Every student in this country, regardless of their economic circumstance, deserves the opportunity to rise as far as their hard work and initiative will take them.

Right now, there is a piece of legislation advancing through the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 5) that would cement recent education cuts -- taking funding from the schools that need it most, and giving it to some of the nation's wealthiest districts.

Find out how a school district near you would be affected.

Millions of Americans across the country have a very real stake in the resources that go toward paying our teachers, improving our students' curriculums, and making sure our schools have the resources they need.

Tamika, Garrett, and Cheryl are three of those Americans, and they wrote the President to share their stories. 

"Sadly, there are days I am nervous about entering the teaching profession due to stories of little to no funding, lack of support, and many other issues."

--Tamika, Coatesville, PA

Tamika is a 31-year-old school bus driver and soon-to-be substitute teacher from a suburb of Philadelphia. She wrote the President to describe the need for funding in Philadelphia-area schools:

"As I get closer to completing my Teacher Certification and Master's Degree I get a little worried. Teaching and working with children is such an important part of who I am and I cannot honestly see myself doing anything else." 


If the House Republican proposal passes, it would cut $44.6 million in funding from schools in the Philadelphia City School District -- where 36.4 percent of families live below the poverty line.

--Garrett, Owatonna, MN

Garrett is 10 years old, and in the fourth grade. Both of his parents are teachers: His mom teaches third grade, and his dad teaches 7th and 8th grade. Garrett wrote the President to share that he wished his parents earned a bit more money, and that he wished his mom had the time in the morning to take him to school.

"Our district is financially strapped. I am teaching with a science book dated 2002, and reading books dated 2004. We purchase a math journal every year which takes our entire workbook budget."

--Cheryl, Oreana, IL

Cheryl England is a second-grade teacher from a rural school district in Central Illinois. She's been teaching for 24 years.

"We have 47% low income in our district. This has increased dramatically in my 24 years! Many are single parent incomes with little time to support their child's education. Homework isn't completed and parent conferences are rarely attended. I just don't know what else I can do. I give 110% every day! I love my job! I love my students! I miss them during the summer!"

Have a story of your own to share? Write the President today.

The funding that H.R. 5 is proposing to cut could go toward hiring teachers, school nurses, counselors, or reading specialists in those districts. It could help pay for books and supplies -- perhaps for a new curriculum. See what passage of the harmful cuts in H.R. 5 could mean to a district near you, and then write your own letter to the President to share your story.

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