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What They're Saying: Celebrating an Open and Free Internet

On Thursday, the FCC voted in favor of a strong net neutrality rule. Since then, groups have joined the President in showing support for the net neutrality decision. Here's what they're saying:

Thursday was a historic day for the Internet. The FCC voted in favor of a strong net neutrality rule to keep the Internet open and free. This didn’t just happen over night and by no means was it easy. It happened because millions of Americans across the country didn’t just care about securing an open and free Internet, spoke out.

More than 4 million people wrote in to the FCC to call for the protection of a free and fair Internet. Others added their names to petitions, spoke out on social media, and talked with peers about why this issue couldn’t wait any longer. Prior to being elected in 2008, President Obama pledged support for net neutrality. On Thursday, he thanked Americans for their hard work.

Since then, both individuals and groups have joined the President in showing support for the net neutrality decision. Here's what they're saying: 



Senator Al Franken 


“To me, more than anything else, this is a victory for the people, the consumers, the average Joes, against the suppliers who have all of the power and the wealth and make decisions for them and they feel hopeless and helpless. And here 4 million of us signed petitions. It’s an indication that the people can sometimes win. We’ve had a lot of defeats over the years, but once in a while we get a win.”

-Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder

The Computer and Communication Industry Association (CCIA)

“This is an historic day. These long awaited Open Internet protections are cause for celebration for all Internet users from students to businesses. When so much depends on nondiscriminatory access to the Internet, the FCC is right to impose narrow rules using strong legal grounds like it did today….The action the FCC has taken will be remembered for decades to come…”

-Ed Black, CCIA President and CEO



“On September 10, more than 30,000 members of the Etsy community participated in the Internet Slowdown, joining more than 1 million others who contacted Congress and the FCC on a single day. Many Etsy sellers also “crafted” comments to the FCC, embroidering pillows and engraving spoons calling on Chairman Wheeler to “Protect the Open Internet.” All told, more than 4 million people submitted public comments to the FCC. And those voices mattered….Today, the FCC voted to enact those rules.”

-Althea Erickson, Etsy Director of Public Policy 


“The net neutrality debate is about who picks winners and losers online: Internet service providers or consumers. Today, the FCC settled it: Consumers win….These actions kick off a new era that puts the consumer, not litigious corporate giants, at the center of competition policy.”

World Wide Web Foundation 

Senator Cory Booker

“It’s a landmark day in the history of the Internet. The FCC’s approval of Net Neutrality rules is a tremendous victory for freedom of ideas, of information, and of expression. I’ve long-believed that the principles of openness, non-discrimination, and the free flow of information are fundamental to economic growth and entrepreneurship fostered by the Internet. Today’s vote is great news for anyone who believes in the transformative power of technology.”


“We applaud the FCC’s decision to preserve the fundamentally open nature of the Internet and look forward to reading the Order and rules.”

Free Press

“It’s an incredible turnaround that wouldn’t have happened without every single phone call, email, rally, Facebook post, tweet, meeting with Congress and everything else activists have been part of in the fight to save the Internet. This moment was more than 10 years in the making. The fight to protect the open Internet has united everyone — grassroots activists, technologists, new civil rights leaders, parents, teachers, students, musicians, artists and millions and millions of Internet users. We've proven that we're a force to be reckoned with in Washington.”

-Craig Aaron, Free Press President and CEO 

Writers Guild of America 

See the President's thank you note to the American people and learn more about his plan for a free and open Internet by visiting