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Email from Bradley Whitford: "Cheese Day"

Actor Bradley Whitford joins #BigBlockofCheeseDay, when the White House takes your questions and applauds your best cheese puns on the Internet.

Actor Bradley Whitford, also known as Josh Lyman from "The West Wing," sent the following message to the White House email list this morning. Didn't get it? Sign up! 

If you watched President Obama's final State of the Union speech last night, you may have a few questions. (If you missed it, just, you know, don’t tell anyone.)

What's next on combating climate change? Where will NASA's next mission take us? Will we finally build a highway strictly for wolves? Did anyone get that West Wing reference?

If you've got questions on what the President has planned for the fourth quarter of his presidency, today's the day to ask: It's Big Block of Cheese Day at the White House!

Don't know what that means? You're in luck -- in my gig on the show The West Wing, we hosted our very own day like this, so I've been around the cheese block a few times.

It's a day-long Q&A when members of the President's Cabinet, Members of Congress, senior White House officials, and special guests take to social media to talk about anything you're curious about -- well, almost anything.

Now, my character may have dreaded this day, but I love it! So much so, I may ask a few questions myself.

Join me, @WhitfordBradley, and a few others -- including my character's boss @Denis44 and his real-life boss @POTUS -- on Twitter.

It’s sure to be interesting. And if nothing else, this is your opportunity to roll out your best cheese puns.

So brie-ing your best questions for #BigBlockOfCheeseDay.

(You like that one? I thought it was pretty good.)

See you on the Twitters!