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What They're Saying in Mississippi about the Supreme Court Nomination

Leaders in Mississippi are speaking out and telling Senate Republicans to do their job.

Across the state of Mississippi, people continue to speak out against Senate Republicans’ refusal to do their job and give Judge Garland a hearing and vote. From legal scholars to business leaders, Mississippi voices have sounded a disappointed tone in Senators Cochran and Wicker’s decision to inject partisanship into the Supreme Court and their in refusal to carry out certain parts of their jobs for partisan gain.

The Clarion-Ledger: Michael Waterstone: Senate should consider Supreme Court pick (Op-Ed). “In polarized times when people are anxious, it is particularly important to pay attention to our guiding principles and follow our own laws, just as we always have. As president, Obama gets to select a nominee for the Supreme Court. After deliberations, the Senate then gets to decide whether or not to confirm that nominee. Any other result will be one that we will regret later, whether we are a Republican or Democrat.”

Marco Moran, CEO of Dewmar International BMC, Inc.: “The political process is one of the greatest systems of checks and balances developed by our founding fathers, however when the legislative and executive branches of government refuse to honor the process, it creates a problem in other areas, especially the business community. The Supreme Court has to have the additional member as soon as possible, because if he is not replaced it will have a negative impact on the business community. The business community has started to rethink its strategy and gear up for the impact. In my opinion, this unnecessary delay of voting on the acceptance of the President's nominee will create pause within the business community to reinvest its profits or to expand its business practices because of its lack of faith in our most fundamental systems. The long-term implications is a loss of U.S. based jobs. We should get back to the business of moving America forward without any further frivolous delays.”