Champions of Change
Champions of Change

Dr. Carol Puryear

Champion of Change Community College Carol Puryear

Director, Tennessee Technology Center at Murfreesboro

In July 2007 Dr. Carol Puryear became the Director of the Tennessee Technology Center at Murfreesboro.  The Tennessee Technology Centers collectively have sustained competition rates 70% or higher with placements in the students’ field of study in the 80% range.  Dr. Puryear is active with the TTCs accreditation group, Council for Occupational Education, and serves as the Chairperson for the TTC Executive Directors’ Sub-Council.  Dr. Puryear has highlighted the TTCs completion and placement rates at a variety of professional programs. She has presented at the Complete College America group in Nashville, Tennessee, served as a Content Expert for Complete College America in Denver, Colorado, participated in the Bill and Melinda Gates “Helping Students Beat the Odds” presentation/panel, and represented the TTCs at the Washington Monthly panel discussion, “A Jobs Bill That Can Pass: Community College Reform.”

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