Champions of Change
Champions of Change

JocCole "JC" Burton

JC Burton has more than 15 years of development, program management and construction experience. She has managed more than $750 million in new construction projects. JC Burton has successfully assisted clients in the development and implementation of program specifications for budget preparation and procurement through all components of construction implementation and building management training facilitation. Other program management accomplishments include preparing development financial program/pro-formas, facilitation of various professional consultants, including land planners, architectural teams, civil engineers, and contractor management.

JC Burton has established pre-construction methodology cost estimating procedures, quality control standards and strategic partnering assessments; effectively delivering projects on time and within budget. This specialized skill set has lead to more than a dozen industry awards and honors.  JC Burton has penned several published articles, most relating to sustainability.  

JC Burton holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of California, Berkley, and a Certificate in Finance from Georgia State University.

About Clean Energy

Every president since Richard Nixon has called for America’s independence from oil, but Washington gridlock has prevented action again and again. If we want to create a more secure energy future, and protect consumers at the pump, that has to change.

President Obama has put forward a plan to secure America’s energy future by cutting our imports of foreign oil by one-third through producing more oil at home and reducing our dependence on oil by leveraging cleaner, alternative fuels and greater efficiency..

And beyond our efforts to reduce our dependence on oil, we must focus on expanding cleaner sources of electricity, including renewables like wind and solar, as well as clean coal, natural gas, and nuclear power – keeping America on the cutting edge of clean energy technology so that we can build a 21st century clean energy economy and win the future.

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