Champions of Change
Champions of Change

Susan Burkinshaw

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Working with school administration at Kingsview Middle School in Germantown, MD, Susan helped to create an Anti-Bullying Task Force, which includes participants from the State’s Attorney’s office, PTA leaders, parents, staff and students. Led by Principal, Beth Thomas, the taskforce is working on an ongoing basis to break down the barriers and hopefully be a model for anti-bullying programs for other schools in our county. Susan represented MCCPTA and advocated for inclusion of bullying incidents on the MCPS Safety-At-A-Glance report. Susan coordinated  the multi-school event co-sponsored by four local PTAs where bullying prevention expert Jodee Blanco called “It’s NOT Just Joking Around,” came and talked to parents about bullying, warning signs and prevention.  This Northwest Cluster event was sponsored by Great Seneca Creek Elementary School PTA, Matsunaga Elementary School PTA, Kingsview Middle School PTA and Roberto Clemente Middle School PTA. The PTAs in the Northwest Cluster of Montgomery County Public Schools are also looking to pilot a curriculum on bullying prevention through the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County.  Susan has been involved in PTA for 10 years. She is married and has two boys, ages 13 and 15, and a daughter, age 9.

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