Jobs & The Economy: Putting America Back to Work

“It is our generation’s task, to reignite the true engine of America’s economic growth —
a rising, thriving middle class,”

— President Barack Obama

Jobs & The Economy: Putting America Back to Work

Summer Jobs+

"America’s young people face record unemployment, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they’ve got the opportunity to earn the skills and a work ethic that come with a job. It’s important for their future, and for America’s.”
–President Obama

Summer Opportunities

Here's how you can help more young Americans land that first job

Just like generations past, America's young people have big dreams and aspirations and their local communities can play a big role in helping them fulfill their full potential. Yet, for many, the American dream is out of reach.

For a young person just starting off in working world, whether it’s over the summer or no longer in school, the prospect of finding a job with a blank resume, limited education, and no meaningful connections to employers can be daunting. This process is tough for college students and even harder for the one in seven young Americans who are out of school and work.

As a result, President Obama is calling on businesses and organizations to take action to give young Americans that may have limited resumes and resources a better shot in the hiring process by providing summer jobs, training, mentoring, and job interviews to young people who are not in school, or working or hiring a young person over the summer.

You can help out your community by providing a summer job as basic as filing papers or sweeping floors, you can give a young person the confidence they need to believe that more is possible.

Youth Jobs Plus

President Obama issued a challenge to businesses, non-profits, and government: Work together to provide pathways to employment for low-income and disconnected youth.

Building off the 2012 Summer Jobs+ program, President Obama has announced Youth Jobs+ that will bring together elected officials, local businesses, non-profit organizations and faith institutions to create pathways to employment for young Americans.

Find a Job

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Get Involved

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