The GreenGov Challenge: Terms of Service

As Federal or military personnel, we invite you to participate in the GreenGov Challenge. During this special event, only federal or military personnel may submit ideas for greening government and vote on the ideas of others. Government contractors and the broader public are excluded from participating but may view the event online at Some of the most popular ideas submitted by federal and military personnel will be presented to the Steering Committee on Federal Sustainability. hopes to receive ideas and opinions from all viewpoints. The GreenGov Challenge will be a community-moderated event in order to retain focus on the designated topic and to ensure that the event remains appropriate for an audience of all ages. Accordingly, asks all participants to agree to the following Terms of Participation:

  • You agree to post only ideas related to greening government (including topics essential to increasing energy efficiency, reducing petroleum consumption, conserving water, and reducing waste).
  • Because Americans of all ages will be able to view this event online, we ask all those who elect to participate to conduct themselves in a civil manner - to refrain from posting threats, obscenity, other material that would violate the law if published here, abusive language, and sexually explicit material.

During the event, participants are able to mark ideas that they believe violate these Terms of Participation. You agree to mark only those questions you believe violate these terms. If the question complies with these Terms of Participation, the reviewer will restore it to the "Featured Question" rotation. You agree not to mark ideas for any other reasons, including your disagreement with the opinions expressed.

If several participants mark a question, it will appear less frequently in the "Featured Idea" rotation, remain on other areas of the site, and be reviewed. The reviewer may remove from the event off-topic ideas, threats, obscenities, and material that would violate the law if published.

If you decide to provide a link to a video of yourself presenting an idea, you agree that such videos will comply with these Terms of Participation.

If you wish to submit an idea, but do not want to participate in this special event, please visit Ideas submitted through this alternative will be reviewed and may be presented to the Steering Committee on Federal Sustainability.

These are terms of an agreement between you and By clicking Create Account, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these terms and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Ideas and voting are hosted by Google Inc., but owns and has access to the data related to the ideas and voting, which will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy. Google never receives your email address and does not store the IP addresses related to the GreenGov Challenge.

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