Meeting Record

Meeting Record Regarding: Nutrition Labeling of Meat/Poultry

Date: 11 / 5 / 2009

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Andrew Perraut OMB/OIRA  
Jessica Hertz OMB/OIRA  
Margaret Malanoski OMB/OIRA  
Fumie Griego OMB/OIRA  
Rachel Edelstein FSIS  
Tom Wenning NGA  
Kristina Butts NCBA  
Deborah White FMI  
Kathleen Cahill OMB/Ag  

Meeting materials provided to OMB: PDF Information
Document 1 (2 pages, 226 kb)
Document 2 (6 pages, 679 kb)
Document 3 (35 pages, 3,580 kb)