Meeting Record

Meeting Record Regarding: Special Supplemental Nutrition Program: Revisions in the WIC FOOD

Date: 9 / 25 / 2013

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Julie Wise  OIRA  
Ryan J Krabill National Potato Council  
Hadley Sosnoff Majority Group National Potato Council 
Anne Bartholomew FNS  
Mara McMillen OIRA  
Brenda Aguilar OMB/OIRA  
Walt Minnick Majority Group National Potato Council
Randy Russell The Russell Group National Potato Council
John Keeling National Potato Council  
Andrew Harker The Russell Group NPC
Sarah Wildor OMB  
Kristen Hyatt USDA/FNS  
Julie Moreno WHO/DPC  
Jay Hirschman USDA/FNS  
Lynnette Williams USDA/FNS  
Melanie Haake USDA/FNS  
Grant Loveellette USDA/FNS  
Patti Mitchell USDA/FNS  
Lisa Southworth USDA/FNS