Meeting Record

Meeting Record Regarding: Uniform Disclosure to Consumers: Benefit Design, Cost Sharing & Standards for Definitions Rule

Date: 01  / 19 / 2012

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Lynn Quincy  Consumers Union   
Stephan Finan  ACS CAN   
Kirsten Sloan  NPWF  
Stephanie Mohl  American Heart Assoc.   
Christine Monahan  Nat'l Partnership for Women & Families   
David Rice  OMB - Health Division   
Sarah Lueck  CBPP (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)   
Erin Reidy  ACS CAN   
Elaine Saly  Families USA   
Joe Ditve  Consumers for Affordable Healthcare (Maine)   
Tim Jost  Washington Lee University   
Ellen Mintz  DPC   
Margaret Malonoski  OMB/OIRA   
Padma Shah  HHS   
Jacob Ackerman  HHS   
Liz Fowler  NEC   

Meeting material provided to OMB ( pages, kb) PDF Information
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