Meeting Record

Meeting Record Regarding: Patterns of Violations

Date: 6 / 18 / 2012

Name Affiliation Client (if applicable)
Brenda Aguilar  OMB/OIRA   
Margaret Malanoski  OMB/OIRA   
Edward Green  Crowell & Moring   
John Gallick  Alpha N R   
Bruce Watzman  NMA   
Gary McCollum  Alliance Coal, LLC   
Sarah Klein  OMB   
Carmen Franklin  DOL/OASP   
April Nelson  DOL - Office of the Solicitor   
Jay Mattos  DOL - MSHA   
Patricia W. Silvey  DOL - MSHA   
Alex Kondo  OMB/OIRA   
Kevin Neyland  OMB/OIRA   

Meeting material provided to OMB ( pages, kb) PDF Information
Document 1 (14 pages, 6.66 mb)